Are LED Track Lights a Good Interior Investment in 2021?

Have you ever entered a shop and found it overflowing with products from wall to wall. Cloths or shoes, hardware or electronics, merchandise or crockery; any product without proper showcasing and arrangement can look stiflingly congested.
However, if you ask an interior designer or a décor expert about how to showcase your products attractively- the answer will be as simple as the word – LIGHTS!
Yes, you got it. The first and foremost principle of showcasing your products or making your home warm and comfy is the luminaries. A lamp here, or a bulb there, can make a massive difference to your space despite the limitation of the area, dimensions, overflow of inventory, or furniture in a space.

The Upcoming Trends in 2021
For the year 2021, most people will be preferring airy and open spaces to practice social distancing. Proper illumination of your shop or outlet would welcome them from afar. LED Track lights are one of the best ways to light up your spaces and give the illusion of broadness, and aeration.

How LED Track lights Solves this Problem?
With various beam angles, you can take your lighting game higher and make your space look open, and attractive with just a few fixtures.
LED Track lights cut down your lighting-cost substantially.
They provide flexible lighting solutions and target-lighting ways.
They are also low-maintenance
Also, LEDs are environmentally-friendly as they consume less energy and emit lower CO2 levels.
All this convinces us that investing in LED Track lights can be a player in your interior design strategy for sales in the year 2021.

LED Linear Light for supermarket

Linear LED Light for Supermarket

The perfect choice for every supermarket aisle.

In consideration of a supermarket’s lighting plan, the foremost thing that one should focus on the best display of products. Above that, it is also a vital point to contemplate that every corner of the shelf is illuminated fairly. When concerned about the same, you should scroll down to gather the best information about the best lights that can brighten the supermarket in real sense.

The supreme gig in the form of illuminator must be a linear led light for a supermarket. Not merely it illuminates the area aptly, but it endows the owner with a plethora of other perks too some of which are as follows.


● Its asymmetric beam angle allows the light to reach at 25°, 50°, 60°, 90° angles for the best illumination.
● The warranty of 3 to 5 years coming with this led light makes it a durable option.
● The LED linear light allows the products to showcase their true shine to make the food products and other identical goods more appealing.
● One can save 80 percent of installation costs as LEDs come with pre-wired connectors that need a quick plug play only.
● With the lumen efficiency of about 100lm/w, linear LED lights assist in energy conservation by limiting consumption.
● The three-phase circuit makes linear LED lights for supermarkets a fantastic option as you can control the intensity of light by turning on 1 or 2 circuits according to lesser need.

All-in-all, linear LED lights are the right choice to be made considering its energy-efficient perks and low-cost installation facility. Don’t wait and grab light for supermarket or your shop at the earliest before the stock gets limited.

beam angle of led downlight

LED Downlight Beam Angle

For led downlight, there are many kinds of beam angle, like 12degree, 24degree, 36degree, 60degree. Narrow beam angle output concetrated light which is better for accent lighting. Wide beam angle output widely light, more softer light. See the light effect of difference beam angle:

When the light have to directed to a specific object, not a big area, recommend to choose narrow beam angle, like 12degree.


When the light have to light up a large room, like living room, recommend to choose 60degree.


If you are not sure which beam angle is better, you can contact us to do lighting simulation. Which can help you to make the right desicion.

Anti glare led high bay for tennis court lighting, UGR

LED UFO High Bay UGR<19

Lighting is an important part of tennis court. Using these equipment every day, the annual cost of the lighting system may be as high as tens of thousands of dollars. When choosing metal halide lamps for tennis court, it often takes 10 to 20 minutes for the system to turn on. So the LED lights is becoming the mainstream trend of lighting for tennis court, to save cost and work more efficiency.

With the development of the LED industry for more than ten years, LED lights are no longer expensive and prohibitive products. If you invest 60,000 US dollars in your lighting equipment, you will save 20,000 US dollars in electricity bills every year. After three years, you will save 60,000 US dollars. And every year thereafter, you will be equivalent to 20,000 US dollars in extra income. It is a risk-free investment.

After a tennis lighting equipment in Germany was upgraded to LED lights, this point was well proved. Before the upgrade, the tennis court used 400 watt metal halide lamps. After installing the LED, this figure was reduced to 180 watts, which means a 55% reduction in electricity bills. Moreover, the LED maintains 100% brightness throughout its life cycle, reducing replacement costs. The use of high-intensity metal halide lamps will reduce the brightness over time, while LEDs will not. After a HID lamp is used for several years, it may lose 40% or 50% of its brightness, while the LED lamp will maintain its brightness during use.

We have previously budgeted for a large venue customer. If he replaces the current lights with LED lights, he can save nearly 2 million US dollars in 10 years. In addition, it can save about 70% on maintenance and replacement equipment installation. Cost, which many people can’t imagine, time is undoubtedly the best proof. The longer you use it, the more you can discover the benefits of LED lights.

Traditional lighting systems are large and complex, requiring professionally trained maintenance personnel to check the equipment and install new lamps when necessary. The shorter life cycle of metal halide lamps means more frequent maintenance.

When using traditional lamps, the cost of these huge traditional truss systems must be considered. The lamps themselves are very heavy. The light appearance of LED lights is a huge advantage. And LEDs can be turned on instantly, light, and remotely controllable. Many advantages make them far beyond traditional lighting.

An urgent problem for LED lights in tennis court is glare. Our R&D team developed a PC cover to get UGR<19, solved the glare problem well.

cold room lighting

LED Light for Cold Storage

With the development of the cold chain, cold room (cold storage ) is widely used to keep food fresh. The special lighting fixtures for cold room are becoming more and more professional. The cold room lighting sources include traditional incandescent lamps, traditional energy-saving lamps (fluorescent lamps), LED cold storage lamps, etc.

With the rapid development of LED lighting technology, LED cold storage lights have become more and more mature. AiDiWatt’s cold room lights have the advantages of anti-shock, anti-freezing, normal use during freezing, and no limit on the use times.


How did we do it?

  1. We use D type aluminum housing+PC cove+ silicone ring. Can get IP65 and IK10 grade.
  2. The LED SMD uses a special packaging technology. The SMD can work for 3 years at an ambient temperature of -40℃ without yellowing.
  3. The LED power supply adopts the method of potting glue, which avoids malfunctions when working in a humid environment for a long time.
  4. Our cold room lighting provide a fast series connection method, which simplifies the wiring work.

Detailed parameters:
Length: 0.3m, 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m are available.
Wattage: 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 80W are available.
Light efficiency: 110LM/W.
IP & IK Grade: IP65 & IK10.
Anti-corrosion grade WF1.
Working temperature: -40℃ to 5℃
Environmental humidity: 98%~99.9%
Coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction: <=17.7×10-6m/℃ Efficiency: >=85%
PF> 0.9, pass EMC, THD <20% Color rendering index >= 80 RA

anti glare led downlight

Downlight for Hotel Room

The guest room is the core area of the hotel. It is mainly for rest. The lighting in the guest room mainly reflects warmth and relaxation, and lower illuminance is used to achieve comfort.

The downlight with anti-glare function is recommended. The LED downlight adopts a scientific secondary light distribution design. The inner wall of the reflector has a unique texture. It uses a new generation of nano-coating technology to further strengthen its deep anti-glare function to get UGR<19. There is no macular stray light in the output spot.

Now LED technology is very mature, we generally use CREE COB, CITIZEN COB. Color rendering index can be customized according to needs, Ra>80, Ra>90, Ra>95 are for optional, SDCM<5, which can truly reflect the texture and gloss color of the object itself, and avoid the visual error caused by the light.

Nona led downlight adjustable