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LED Downlights also called can lights. They were originally designed as a low energy alternative to replace incandescent, fluorescent and halogen. With most of these lamp options now banned altogether in the EU. LED remains the only viable lighting option.

The LED Downlights are designed and built using leading LED technologies and the best components. Offer a range of solutions for both commercial and residential applications. There are variations of styles: fixed, adjustable, trim-less (plaster-in), recessed, surface mounted, black housing, white housing, bathroom rated and many more. The next generation of downlights that are gradually taking over are smart downlights which can be controlled from a smart phone. Change colour temperatures and brightness to meet the demands of your lighting environment at any point of the day.

Most of AiDiWatt Lighting Downlight use CREE COB, CITIZEN COB, light efficiency up to 95lm/w. Ra>80/90 color rendering index. Use PHILIPS, OSRAM, Eaglerise, Lifud Driver, PF>0.9, Flicker Free. Phase dimming, 1-10V dimming, Dali dimming are available. Offer 3 years warranty.

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