Anti glare led high bay for tennis court lighting, UGR

LED UFO High Bay UGR<19

Lighting is an important part of tennis court. Using these equipment every day, the annual cost of the lighting system may be as high as tens of thousands of dollars. When choosing metal halide lamps for tennis court, it often takes 10 to 20 minutes for the system to turn on. So the LED lights is becoming the mainstream trend of lighting for tennis court, to save cost and work more efficiency.

With the development of the LED industry for more than ten years, LED lights are no longer expensive and prohibitive products. If you invest 60,000 US dollars in your lighting equipment, you will save 20,000 US dollars in electricity bills every year. After three years, you will save 60,000 US dollars. And every year thereafter, you will be equivalent to 20,000 US dollars in extra income. It is a risk-free investment.

After a tennis lighting equipment in Germany was upgraded to LED lights, this point was well proved. Before the upgrade, the tennis court used 400 watt metal halide lamps. After installing the LED, this figure was reduced to 180 watts, which means a 55% reduction in electricity bills. Moreover, the LED maintains 100% brightness throughout its life cycle, reducing replacement costs. The use of high-intensity metal halide lamps will reduce the brightness over time, while LEDs will not. After a HID lamp is used for several years, it may lose 40% or 50% of its brightness, while the LED lamp will maintain its brightness during use.

We have previously budgeted for a large venue customer. If he replaces the current lights with LED lights, he can save nearly 2 million US dollars in 10 years. In addition, it can save about 70% on maintenance and replacement equipment installation. Cost, which many people can’t imagine, time is undoubtedly the best proof. The longer you use it, the more you can discover the benefits of LED lights.

Traditional lighting systems are large and complex, requiring professionally trained maintenance personnel to check the equipment and install new lamps when necessary. The shorter life cycle of metal halide lamps means more frequent maintenance.

When using traditional lamps, the cost of these huge traditional truss systems must be considered. The lamps themselves are very heavy. The light appearance of LED lights is a huge advantage. And LEDs can be turned on instantly, light, and remotely controllable. Many advantages make them far beyond traditional lighting.

An urgent problem for LED lights in tennis court is glare. Our R&D team developed a PC cover to get UGR<19, solved the glare problem well.